Supernatural Brand, incorporated in 1997, has developed a line of high quality products that work together to provide your plants with an optimal growth environment throughout their entire life cycle. Our extensive research and development has focused on fusion and maximization of the best of foliar, solid and liquid phase growth techniques. The company’s genesis lies in its founder’s lifelong passion for growing beautifully clean plants of all types.

Decades worth of experience working with many plant varieties and growth techniques led him to realize that many modern growth techniques have certain drawbacks that prevent plants from reaching their full potential. The Supernatural Brand product line, from growth medium to plant foods, has been designed precisely to overcome these drawbacks. By providing your plants with optimal growth conditions for their entire life cycle, you will achieve truly impressive results.

Supernatural Brand products, already sold worldwide, are gaining even more attention from those who want their plants to be the best.









Brian’s Horticultural Passion


brianI have had a lifelong passion for growing the best plants possible. To produce a method that provides plants with optimal conditions. My extensive research has revealed the many naturally occurring complex processes taking place at the cellular level, many of which we don’t understand and simply cannot reproduce . I found the results I was looking for when I combined these naturally occurring PURE VIRGIN SOURCED CLEAN EARTH ELEMENTS with HIGH QUALITY PURIFIED MINERALS & TRACE ELEMENTS. My TERRAPONICS growth method gave me the strongest, largest and highest quality plants ever.

It has always been a great joy helping people learn to grow the cleanest, most nutritious plants possible. That is my goal here. The SUPERNATURAL BRAND TERRAPONICS growth method is my personal favorite. TERRAPONICS is the only way to grow for MEDICAL GRADE because it’s the only method that uses all PURE VIRGIN SOURCED CLEAN EARTH ELEMENTS with no fillers, preservatives or waste products in both the growth medium and the nutrients. Designed for ease of use, TERRAPONICS growers consistently achieve superior results. No need for expensive liquid additives containing unhealthy growth inhibiting preservatives added to extend product shelf life. Grow clean, highly nutritious plants whose quality will astound you. Once you try the TERRAPONICS growth method I am confident that you will never switch back.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the results of my years of effort, the TERRAPONICS growth method.



Brian Franczuz


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