Customer Reviews

“It has been my experience that Supernatural’s Excellofizz is the easiest and most effective CO2 product available. Excellofizz has allowed me to introduce CO2 in my garden with out the hassle of an expensive bottle and complicated regulator. Using Excellofizz during the vegetative cycle enabled me to supply my plants with the CO2 they required at an affordable price. My plants have responded so well to your Excellofizz that I have enclosed a few pictures to demonstrate its effectiveness. I can’t wait to use more of Supernatural products in my garden. -Thank You Shaun”

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Frequently Asked Questions


pH Buffering Explained

Supernatural Brand Nutrients are pH buffered, which makes our nutrients one of the simplest to use in the industry. The revolutionary technology designed by Supernatural has made mixing nutrients very easy, because it require no or little pH adjustment. Once mixed, they are very stable in re-circulating systems.  Read More


Rooting Gels VS. Powders

Their are many advantages to using Rooting powders over gels. The hydroponic industry calls for gels as a rooting hormone. But  any commercial greenhouse would tell you, they don’t use gels, because powders are more superior. Read more