pH Buffering Explained

Supernatural Brand Nutrients are pH buffered. Meaning that they require little to no pH adjustment. They will adjust the pH for you. When you mix Supernatural Nutrients they are made to start on the more acidic side. And as the acidic nutrients are being absorbed the pH will start to rise. So typically Gro and Bloom terra will start at about 5.8-5.9 and then rise up to about 6.3 as the more acidic nutrients are absorbed. And the Gro and Bloom Aqua are buffered lower for hydroponics. Once mixed, the come out around 5.5-5.8.  Having this range will benefit your plants greatly, because nutrients are absorbed at different pH levels. This is the basis of pH buffering, is to have your nutrients absorbed throughout a range of pH.
Below is a chart that helps explain nutrient absorption at different pH levels.

When you MIGHT have to adjust your pH

 If your adding a whole bunch of additives your may have to adjust your pH. If you use Supernatural additives you will be fine, and you won’t have to adjust your pH. But if you add other nutrient lines additives, we aren’t sure what it will do to your pH. Keep in mind, Supernatural is a One Part, so you shouldn’t be adding a bunch of other additives anyway.

What if my pH is really high?

If you pH coming out of the tap, or after Reverse Osmosis is still about 8.0, we suggest that you using pH down and adjust your water to 7.0, then mix Supernatural Brand Nutrients. Certain mineral’s will not dissolve in when the water is too alkaline. So it best to first pH your water to 7.0 then mix.

Rooting Gels Vs. Powders

Using Gel As A Carrier For Rooting hormones Is A Very Bad Idea

Rooting Gels – set up favourable conditions for root rot, ( area of high moisture, low oxygen) they also contain preservatives that inhibit root growth. If you are not getting explosive roots within 7-10 days under normal circumstances, try rooting some cuttings without using anything along side of ones with the rooting gel. In most cases you will find that the ones using nothing will root much better because the gel inhibits oxygen which inhibits plant growth and sets the stage for root rot.

Gels also have added preservatives for shelf life that will inhibit plant growth. Without the added preservatives the jar of rooting gel would turn into a mass of mold and bacteria within weeks. It’s the exact same conditions as a petrie dish where you grow bacteria in a lab.

The most effective rooting hormones are powdered. Rooting gels were created only for the hydroponic store market. Many claims without any real scientific data or efficacy testing to back it up. They can manufacture registered productswith a hormone percentage  but there are no tests for the effectiveness of the product combined with it’s carriers, additives and preservatives. It is only distributed on a label guarantee of analysis for hormone strength. Commercial and professional greenhouse operations always use rooting powders. Conclusion – using any gel as a carrier for rooting hormone is a very bad idea.