Supernatural Brand offers you a completely reinvented, redefined, revolutionary way to excel in the commercial medical crop production industry with the highest crop performance products and most groundbreaking grow technique available today. Easily reach a much greater level of purity, quality, and productivity than you ever dreamed of. That’s our guarantee. Be part of the Supernatural Brand Team and make all of the other grow methods and materials a thing of the past. To find out more about Supernatural Brand and why no one has ever switched back.

Totally Terraponic Canada – Online Store Grand Opening


Welcome Canadian Shoppers! Totally Terraponic Online Store is your complete source for Supernatural Brand Totally Terraponic Grow Supplies Accessories and Resources. Easily shop online for everything you need to grow clean highly productive luxurious plants indoors or outside. Supernatural Brand products offer complete simplicity and ease of use using our Legendary Signature Terraponic Grow Method and Revolutionary Air Powered Grow Systems. Be confident and proud to grow the cleanest most nutritious, highest quality, most productive plants with superior forgiveness and fullest yields, it has never been easier to do.


Decades ago, our deep passion for high performance purity was realized, and we chased it from the ground up. This fueled our research to develop the highest quality pure earth element plant grow media with amazing benefits that will completely revolutionize the way you grow!

Totally Terraponics will Totally enhance your harvest and make your green thumb shine like a star! Start now by experiencing Totally Terraponic.

You are about to amaze yourself and friends. We also offer Air Powered Hydroponic Kits as well.  [button_with_link url=”” style=”float:right”]Shop Now![/button_with_link]





SUPERNATURAL BRAND products commitment for purity and Medical Grade gardening has been our vision from the company’s beginning. Supernatural Brand products carry all the ingredients for Medical Grade plants with additives containing no preservatives. From extensive years of research, I found when using only the purest virgin sourced Clean Earth elements combined with dry water-soluble high quality purified minerals & micronutrients with no preservatives, could I then produce the healthiest, pure disease free plants from seed to harvest. This use of higher quality elements combined with high quality purified minerals, contributes to the many known & unknown aspects of extremely complex cellular physiological activities. It is the fusion of the two that allows these complex natural cellular processes to still take place in a controlled environment.

SUPERNATURAL BRAND High Quality Purified Minerals for Terraponics and Hydroponics Contains All Of The Pure Essential Nutrients, Vitamins, & Trace Elements For Optimal Control & Superior Quality Ultra Pure  Supernatural Brand powdered nutrients provide your plants with unsurpassed nutrition at 1/3 the strength of most liquid formulas. Powdered minerals & elements are most effective when mixed fresh. When dissolved in water, there is no sediment. You can see the purity for yourself.




[quote cite=”Rob and Crystal, Mission B.C.”] “We have tried every product and growing system available and absolutely love all of your products.” [/quote]

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