AIR SAUCERGrow bigger plants faster.

The New Supernatural Brand Air Saucer And Air Tables Teamed up with our Supernatural Brand Terraponic is guaranteed to give you the best results ever!

Our new twin sheet rotary thermoforming technology produces a complete unit combining a sealed reservoir below, and a tray above that uses a low pressure air pump to flood and drain.




  1. Place Air Saucers or Air Tables on an even level surface.
  2. Hook up drain by drilling a hole 7/8″ – 2″ depending on the amount of systems hooked in line, and inserting a grommet use either a drain plug or a barbed fitting to connect to hose.
  3. Use an aquarium style air pump to power the unit by inserting the air line in to the unit by pushing it through about an inch into the air inlet hole. Set a timer on your air pump for 1-3,1/2 hour to an 1 hour flood cycles per day. Use 1 cycle per day in veg, and 2-3 cycles per day in flowering.
  4. With the drain open initially top flush the new Terrapots thoroughly with plain water. After run off, close drain and fill the system from the top by pouring regular strength [600-700ppm max. Supernatural Brand] nutrient solution into the systems trough to fill the systems reservoir.
    Reservoir Capacities:
    Air Saucer – 15L
    Air Table – 1′ x 2′ – 8L
    Air Table – 2′ x 4′ – 40L
    Air Table – 4′ x 8′ – 160LAir will bubble out of the air escape hole as the solution drains into the internal reservoir.
  5. Top the unit up with half strength nutrient solution thru out the week of feeding either manually or by inserting a Tropf Blumat into the systems trough and running a half strength supplemental reservoir.
  6. Flush the plants thoroughly from the top every week and then replenish the system.
  7. An Accessory Specification sheet is available for the Air Saucer.


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totally_thumbnailTotally Terraponic gardening is the ideal fusion of pure earth minerals and high performance hydroponics. From beginner to pro, our Totally Terraponic gardening system incorporated into our Air Saucer and Air Tables will provide you with a simple, economical way to grow clean, nutritious, high quality plants.

For you convenience, you may download our Totally Terraponic Instruction Manual, which includes complete set-up instructions, and Feeding Schedule.