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We improve the agricultural growing process with custom cultivation equipment, products & years of knowledge.

Grow healthier, stronger, cleaner & larger plants without compromising purity and quality.

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  • Master Cultivators
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  • Inventors
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Why Supernatural Brand for Turbo Grow Kits & More?

See our revolutionary gardening technique, amazing Turbo Grow Kits and our nutrient rich gardening products. Supernatural Brand is your resource for ultra-superior crop production.

  • Since 1969: We have developed high quality products from manufacturing our Turbo Grow Kits to optimizing our nutrients and cutting edge grow processes.
  • High Quality Pure Products: We are passionate about quality and purity. Extensive research and development has led us to create products that are unmatched in performance and make it easy for anyone to produce healthy, pure, disease resistant plants from seed to harvest.
  • Superior Grow Methods & Equipment: Through decades of research and improvements we have manufactured the most efficient way to grow the healthiest and best plants possible. See Supernatural Brands Revolutionary Grow System. The most proven grow method in history engineered for the 21st century.
  • Learn How to Grow: To grow plants well takes experience and dedication. We are happy to share ours with you. Click Here To Start Growing.
  • #1 Rated by professional and amateur horticulturalists in Canada, the U.S.A, Europe, and increasingly further afield.

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Whether you are a beginner or pro, find what you’ll need to greatly enhance your plants.

Grow Kits For Everyone

Supernatural Brand Turbo Grow Kit is our flagship crop production kit. Learn why our Turbo Grow Kits are superior must have systems to get the best results from your production. We have decades of research built into this affordable high-quality durable product.

Supernatural Brand Turbo Grow Kit

Our flagship crop growth kit.  Decades of research and development results in an affordable, high-quality, and durable product.  Give your plants what they want.

Plant Foods And Additives

Learn more about our full line of powder and liquid plant foods.  Containing zero additives or preservatives, these high-quality grades are designed to feed your plants what they want, when they want it.

Premium Accessories & Supplies

Find crop production accessories and supplies from our online store. Commercial grade equipment for pure medical grade crop production for home or commercial use. Contact us for questions on equipment or garden supplies.


  • “Before I tell you my story I’d like to say I use all of your products. I had to leave town for a family emergency, I was gone way longer than expected and figured my crop was ruined! To my surprise your automated flood and drain tables saved the whole crop! If it wasn’t for your tables and air pumps reliability my crop would have been ruined. Your system is the only system that could pull that off. Incredible! Well worth it after all the time and money spent into the venture, I now have the confidence leaving my plants knowing your tables are going to keep working even when I’m not around.”

    Ian Samson, Craft Grower
  • “If you’re growing absolutely any plant, buy this pot! The plants and root systems absolutely thrive. The root system immediately explodes because of the really high air exchange rate. And you know how the old saying goes “the bigger the roots the bigger the plant”. King Cultivator pots don’t trap moisture or nutrients like those fabric pots. They are super breathable, absorbable and penetrable allowing me to feed and flush my plants without the worry of a thick, moisture retaining barrier. I’ve purchased other fabric bags over the years but now only buy King Cultivator biodegradable disposable pots they are extremely well built and very economical. Thanks for such a great product!”

    Wes Handler, Commercial Grower
  • “SuperNatural Brand Excellofizz is the easiest and most effective CO2 product available. It has allowed me to introduce CO2 in my garden without the hassle of an expensive bottle and complicated regulator. Using Excellofizz during the vegetative cycle enabled me to supply my plants with the CO2 they required at an affordable price. My plants have responded so well to your Excellofizz that I no longer have to worry about the cost of bottles or burning gases to achieve the CO2 levels my plants require. I can’t wait to use more of SuperNatural Brand products in my garden.”

    Shawn Mckay, Greenhouse Gardner

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