Soils for Enhancing Your Production

Enhance Your Production With Supernatural Brand Soils

Cash Crop and Pay Dirt Potting Soils are scientifically blended to give the grower complete control over plant health and growth performance and the ability to powerfully induce plants into any desired growth phase using Supernatural Brand Nutrients.  The soil’s unique physical structure allows you to water your plants with hydroponic-type feeding intervals. Cash Crop and Pay Dirt provide a high level of growth performance. Naturally occurring components provide continuous buffering and release nutrients into the soil solution, making it possible to use Supernatural Brand plant food at very low strengths. 3X less than conventional strengths providing a higher level quality; larger, lush yields, and super clean plants.   Supernatural Brands proprietary source volcanic ash and ancient sea shells eliminate the need for any pH monitoring and control.

CASH CROP & PAY DIRT – Pure Earth Elements Potting Soils 

SuperNatural Brand Pure Earth Element Potting Soils accelerate nutrient absorption to the roots in both the solid phase and liquid phase, while maintaining a high performance atmospheric root environment. This highly engineered Pure Earth Elements soil is the best way to nourish the strongest, lushest and healthiest plants.

SuperNatural Brand Potting Soils have excellent drainage/ retention. Flush easy. Nutrient strength low at only 1/3 strength, this reduces run off, no build up or lock out and produces a clean final product. It has characteristics that correct deficiencies or mistakes quickly with fast plant recovery. It’s re usable and flowable making it labor reducing and giving it cost saving properties. Try them in King Cultivator nursery pots for the ultimate root/ air exchange.

SuperNatural Brand CASH CROP and SuperNatural Brand PAY DIRT Potting Soils are harvested only from Pure Earth Element mineral rich resources that are pH buffered with naturally occurring deposits of ancient sea floor, sea shells and volcanic ash.This maximizes high performance crop production with no pH monitoring or pH control necessary. Harvested, granulated, classified then uniquely formulated, these specialized potting soil blends produce the cleanest and highest crop quality for human consumption with superior breakthrough performance known to growers worldwide.

CASH CROP & PAY DIRT  are both re usable media. Try them in Turbo Grow systems for top quality and cutting edge performance.

CASH CROP     All Purpose Potting Soil 

 CASH CROP is a Pure Earth Element potting soil mix that you water/feed  comparable to a regular soil less mix. It retains a slightly higher moisture holding capacity compared to PAY DIRT Premium Potting Soil. 

PAY DIRT   Premium Potting Soil

Pay Dirt is high performance quality crop production to the extreme, yet ultimately very forgiving. It is a Pure Earth Element Potting Soil that is watered/ fed less but at more frequent intervals. Similar to hydroponic style feeding. This is our original Terraponic Pure Earth Elements  A  fusion of hydroponic soil using cutting edge technologies that accelerate performance and quality. 

Supernatural Brand Soils – High Quality Ingredients


Volcanic Glass is a superheated, expanded form of particle comprised of many tiny compartments or cells that absorb liquid on the outside while holding oxygen deep within. It improves drainage of the growth medium, making it less susceptible to anaerobic conditions.  It makes water and nutrients readily available to plants, it is sterile and does not compact or deteriorate.  It is pH neutral and inert.

Sphagnum Peat Moss is sterile, has a high organic content, retains moisture very well, acts to balance pH as it is slightly acidic, and prevents soil compaction.  It works to hold the mix in a homogenous, web like matrix.

Sea Floor Material and Volcanic Ash provide plants with a wide range of high quality micronutrients and calcium essential to plant health.

Organic Humic Peat is a natural blend of peat moss and black loam.  Peat contains a high organic content, and improves both soil structure and moisture retention at the root zone.  Black loam contains an abundance of micronutrients essential to plant growth.

Leonardite (Granulated and Powdered) is a source of humic acid.  It improves root mass and growth, increases carbon content, and increases both nutrient availability and uptake.  The use of granulated and powdered forms improves soil structure.  All these factors lead to higher crop yield and quality.

Lab Certified Vermiculite acts like a sponge to retain moisture.  It prevents soil compaction and improves soil aeration.  It also attracts the plant nutrients calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium to make them readily available to the plant’s root system.

Diatomaceous Earth is formed from fossilized sea creatures called diatoms.  It retains both water and nutrients for long periods to prevent drought while also providing magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium, silicon and trace minerals.

Get outstanding moisture retention and drainage from your soil to ensure top production performance.

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