How Turbo Grow Works

Produce High-Quality Plants

Thank you for your interest in the Turbo Grow plant growth system, the result of many years of research and development.  In conjunction with our full line of high-quality plant foods, our Pay Dirt premium hydroponic style potting soil, and our King Cultivator fine-woven mesh nursery pots the system is designed so that anyone can produce high-quality plants that far surpass the results of other gardening methods.  Our plant foods eliminate the need for pH monitoring or additives.  Our potting soil is very root friendly.  The nursery pots, both transplantable and disposable, allow for ample aeration of the root zone.

Getting Started With the Turbo Grow Plant Growth System

Here’s how our uniquely designed system works.  An air blower set with a timer turns on and raises a shuttle valve to close and pressurize the built-in reservoir of nutrient solution, forcing the solution up into the tray above to feed the plants.  Once the air blower stops the shuttle valve drops to allow the nutrient solution to quickly drain back into the reservoir.  This completely eliminates the problem of over or under watering.  Getting started is easy.  First rinse the soil with water before planting, plant and gently water from the top until plants are rooted.  Then, you fill the built-in reservoir with water and add plant food through the nutrient cap.  Replace the cap and set the timer to turn on for one minute per day.  Regularly feel the weight of the pots to adjust the number of feeding cycles accordingly.  You may need to top up the reservoir with water near the end of each week.  Once a week, drain the reservoir and give the plants a rinse from the top, then close the drain valve and replenish the reservoir.  That’s all there is to it.

The system is fully expandable and is used in substantial commercial operations.  To our knowledge, no customer has reverted back to their old ways after trying our system.  They are happy with plant quality and the system’s ease of use.  We are confident that we can please you, too.

We hope this helps to better understand the Supernatural Brand grow system.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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