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We are more than just your typical plant food company.

Who We Are

We are a highly skilled and dedicated team of researchers, scientists, chemists, biologist, innovators, formulators and cultivation experts passionate in the art of high performance agriculture. Our primary goal is to significantly improve cultivation techniques with purity and performance while producing a new standard in produce quality. Through decades of risks, sacrifice, perseverance, research trials, and exploration we have discovered amazing ways to grow crops with greater level of performance and quality. This has brought us our greatest rewards, significantly improving the lively hood of our customers, many of whom dedicate their expertise and new found success to Supernatural Brand products and their ground breaking practices. We are so happy to be able to accelerate our customers to be recognized as the finest horticulturists in the industry.

Our Passion

Supernatural Brand, incorporated in 1997, has developed a line of high quality products that work together to provide your plants with an optimal growth environment throughout their entire life cycle. Our extensive research and development has focused on fusion and maximization of the best of foliar, solid and liquid phase growth techniques. The company’s genesis lies in its founder’s lifelong passion for growing beautifully clean plants of all types.

Decades worth of experience working with many plant varieties and growth techniques led him to realize that many modern growth techniques have certain drawbacks that prevent plants from reaching their full potential. The Supernatural Brand product line, from growth medium to plant foods, has been designed precisely to overcome these drawbacks. By providing your plants with optimal growth conditions for their entire life cycle, you will achieve truly impressive results.

Supernatural Brand products, already sold worldwide, are gaining even more attention from those who want their plants to be the best.

Our Commitment

SUPERNATURAL BRAND’s product commitment to clean culinary and medical quality gardening has been our vision from the company’s beginning.  SUPERNATURAL BRAND products carry all the right ingredients for edible plants with nutrients containing no preservatives.  From extensive years of research, I found that only when used PURE VIRGIN SOURCED CLEAN EARTH ELEMENTS combined with fast dissolving  purified minerals and elements with no preservatives, could I then produce the healthiest, purest disease resistant plants from seed to harvest.  This contributes to the many known & unknown aspects of extremely complex cellular physiological activities.  It is the fusion of the two that allows these complex natural cellular processes to still take place in a controlled environment.

SUPERNATURAL BRAND HIGH QUALITY PURIFIED MINERALS contain purified essential nutrients and trace elements for optimal grower control & high quality results.

ULTRA PURE SUPERNATURAL BRAND powdered nutrients provide your plants with unsurpassed nutrition at only 1/3 the strength of most conventional brands of fertilizers.  Powdered minerals & elements are more effective, when mixed fresh they contain more available oxygen. When dissolved in water, there is no sediment. You can see the SUPERNATURAL BRAND purity and quality for yourself…. NO RESIDUE. SUPERNATURAL BRAND Plant Foods goes a long way saving you lots of time and money in more ways than one!

“Our goal is to create quality products that allow plants to experience optimal growth conditions throughout their life cycle so that you, the grower, can enjoy the most vibrant plants possible.”

  • 1969

    Founder – From a very early age I have been exploring, discovering and innovating with ways to grow plants.  At the age of 11, I discovered a superior gardening technique and invented a completely new type of grow system.  I then started designing and building many different grow system prototypes. For the next while I busied myself with growing every type of seed and plant in them that I could get my hands on.
  • 1981

    At the age of 23, I opened a gardening retail outlet, “Hydro Gro Garden Centre” located at the corner of Howard and Cabana in Windsor, Ontario.  I retailed my hand-built new concept superior custom grow system to hobbyists and home gardeners. Customers were truly amazed when they looked behind the divider wall and saw that I was manufacturing everything on premises, including a finishing and detailing department, as they assumed they were built in a factory somewhere else and I was just ordering them.  I also manufactured my own line of nutrients and propagated and sold a very wide variety of different types of beautifully grown flowers, herbs and vegetable plants. One of my highlight developments was a herb, small plant/vegetable or flower garden, with light, timer, and irrigation system. It’s a complete grow system in a picture frame that you hang on your wall.
  • 1996

    I moved west to Vancouver, British Columbia with all of its great horticultural resources at my fingertips.  Here I worked as a chemical formulator and waste management specialist under a team of brilliant chemists. It was a great honour to work under and be trained by one of the hardest working, dedicated, and brilliant master formulators you’ll find.  A rare breed, indeed. My relentless hard labour and sacrifice would pay off with tips, tricks and techniques handed down from generations of elite formulation experts. This education really fuelled my creative talent. It was a rare and most honourable opportunity that I am extremely grateful for.
  • 1997

    I founded Supernatural Technologies, selling our first of a kind, one-part automatically pH buffered hydroponic nutrients that proved far superior to the competition. Only high-quality products ever bear the Supernatural Brand banner. I rapidly gained popularity within my community for having superior plants and plant products. Local demand for my products grew quickly. I was also experimenting with my first batch of hydroponic style soil.
  • 1999

    We changed our company name to, “Rapidgrow Industries Incorporated” and developed, “SuperNatural Brand”, a full line of plant products bearing our new registered trademark brand name and picture logo.
  • 2005

    We outgrew our facilities so purchased our 25,000 ft2 manufacturing warehouse with state of the art scientific research and development center in Maple Ridge, BC. The Walter Reid Army Institute of Research initiates a study on our C02 enhancement developments.
  • 2006

    We made major design changes and used a custom shuttle valve to bring the Turbo Grow system to an even higher level of performance.
  • 2010

    We bought the active operation of Organic Soils’ 50 acre site, with heavy equipment, and incorporate as Organic Soils 2010 Ltd. The site includes a unique, 20 acre humus peat bog with a history of volcanic activity and a mineral rich sea floor. Another amazing discovery and acquisition.
  • 2011

    We begin research and development and growth trials on our product, “Enormous”. The highly positive results lead me to initiate a mineral and elemental extraction operation sourcing from the richest body of sea water on our planet, The Sea of Cortez. The extracts that we use in Enormous contain over 90 trace elements and 50,000 organic compounds.
  • 2012

    We developed a first of a kind Aerosol Foliar Spray Fertilizer using new BOV Aerosol technology that contains no greenhouse gases. “Instant Jungle Aerosol Foliar Plant Spray”, another amazing plant product. We purchase our own aerosol filling line.
  • 2015

    We apply for several worldwide patents for our Turbo Grow garden kit and its invented components.
  • 2017

    My helicopter pilot friend discovers an ancient and uncharted volcano that erupted under an ancient glacial cap. This concentrated the elements coming up from deep within the core. These samples from the chimney vent are the richest volcano rock powder samples ever tested. We quickly initiated a helicopter and mining expedition/extraction operation to hand extract the richest, highest assay volcanic rock powder ever reported.
  • 2019

    Our Turbo Grow garden kit patents are approved. We develop the, “King Cultivator Nursery Pot”, a breathable, disposable, and biodegradable nursery pot product. We are happy to obtain a further 10 acres of our mineral rich, humus peat bog in BC’s northern interior. We are modernizing and upgrading our company look with a positive view to the future.

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