1. How do I grow healthy plants?

    Growing healthy plants comes down to three main factors. Having the right kind of soil with the correct pH balance is the first step. Then, you’ll want to make sure the environment and nutrients are conducive to optimal growth. Finally, providing the right amount of water can make or break your plants.

  2. What garden supplies should I consider when getting started?

    If you are growing in pots or indoors, choosing the right type and size of container or growing system is vital, especially if it helps regulate water intake and circulation. You’ll also want to consider growing mediums like potting soil or peat. And high-quality seeds and plant food are critical for successful plants.

  3. What are Turbo Grow Kits?

    The Turbo Grow Kit is a unique, hydroponic growing system that will allow you to produce store-quality plants in your own home. It comes with everything you need, from the impressive tray that regulates water and air circulation to the special pots and plant food that yield hearty, healthy plants.

  4. How do Turbo Grow Kits work?

    The patented design of the growing kit features an air blower that raises a shuttle valve to allow nutrient solution from the reservoir to rise up into the growing tray. When the air blower stops, the nutrients fall back into the reservoir, leaving the plants perfectly watered, fed, and cared for.

  5. What Turbo Grow Kit accessories should I buy?

    You have the choice of simply purchasing the grow tray with a 38-liter capacity or purchasing the Turbo Grow Kit Package, which comes in either 38-liter or 160-liter and includes nutrients, grow pots, and Pay Dirt. Moreover, having extra potting soil, nutrients, and pots on hand is always a great idea.

  6. How does potting soil impact the quality of your crops?

    Potting soil should provide your seeds and plants with the right amount of air circulation, water retention, and balanced pH levels. If the soil keeps your plant too dry or too moist, it might not produce at all. And having the right kind and amount of nutrients will make your plants larger and healthier.

  7. How do I choose the right potting soil?

    Most plants will do well in a typical peat and soil mixture as long as it also contains nutrients and a well-balanced pH level. For plants like cacti and succulents, however, a well-draining soil that contains sand and vermiculite will keep them healthy and prevent over-watering.

  8. What do micronutrients do for plants?

    Much like humans, the right amount and combination of nutrients can help a plant thrive. The micronutrients ward off diseases and will assist the plants in transition from one stage to another for full, lush, and bountiful results. Without micronutrients, plants will be weak and may not produce at all.

  9. What type of plant food is best for healthy plants?

    Good plant food will contain high-quality nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. As long as the nutrients are there, whether you get your plant food in a powdered or liquid form is a matter of personal preference.

  10. How do I use Supernatural Bud Blaster?

    Supernatural bud blaster can be used at any stage from pre-flowering through ripening. This special formula will give your plants a boost in size and production. Simply add it to your plant feeding routine for optimal results.

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