Benefits of Community Gardening

Community gardening is a simple yet profound way to strengthen community ties, improve neighborhoods, and help the environment. What is a community garden, though? It’s a shared space where community members participate in growing plants like flowers or food.

Cultivating such a garden requires teamwork within the neighbourhood. Making in-person friends is more challenging than ever when so many people live much of their lives online, so the value of a positive shared endeavor is immeasurable. Learning opportunities abound in community gardens. Participation leads to more knowledge about the environment, the food supply chain, and the lives of others. Furthermore, community gardens help people abandon the frenetic pace of modern life, at least for a little while.

How Local, Small-scale Crop Production Helps People

The worldwide food supply chain is highly efficient in moving food from one country or province to another. Still, it struggles to bring healthy food into every community. Everyone deserves to have access to nutritious, affordable fruits and vegetables, but only some do. Community gardens are a game changer in food deserts: neighbourhoods where it’s extremely difficult to access nutritious, budget-friendly food. Having nothing but nutritionally empty options is terrible for one’s health, but access to fresh fruits and vegetables lowers obesity rates. Additionally, those who participate in community gardening get more exercise, further improving their health.

Discovering How to Plant Locally Helps the Environment

The conventional food supply chain does not place environmental concerns at the forefront. How could it? Transporting food to distant locations isn’t cheap or easy, and it spews pollution into the world. Unfortunately, it’s easy for big businesses to ignore the necessity for sustainable agriculture. Learning how to foster a local garden cuts down on that problem. Each community garden lowers the costs of transporting food. It also reduces water runoff by creating spaces full of high-quality soil, all while eliminating waste by providing an opportunity for composting.

Using Grow Kits To Get a Community Garden Started

Figuring out how to grow plants is a serious endeavor. Most people who decide to participate in community gardening only have a little, if any, growing experience. They might need to learn about nutrients for plants. It’s important to make the process easy. Plants are often most vulnerable at the very beginning of their life cycles, so that’s the place to start when considering how to make the process as simple as possible.

Grow kits from Supernatural Brand offer a novice-friendly way to get plants off to the right start. Our kits include everything you need to nurture flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants. We even carry plant nutrients that leafy life needs to thrive. After that, you can safely transplant your plants into a garden. Soon enough, the surrounding neighborhood will experience all the community garden benefits mentioned above: a stronger sense of connection, better access to healthy food, environmental improvement, and more!

Contact Supernatural Brand about our grow kits to give your community garden a healthy start!

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