Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Nothing brightens up your home like adding an indoor garden. It gives a lively feeling to the atmosphere and the bright pops of color add another dimension to your décor. Not to mention, you will benefit from having them around. They act like life air filters, cleaning and purifying the air around you.

And luckily, having houseplants doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of low-maintenance varieties that make keeping them alive effortless, even if you’re not a natural green thumb.

What Makes a House Plant “Low Maintenance”?

It might actually seem silly to deem plants as “high-maintenance”, but experienced gardeners know that many plants tend to be quite the diva when it comes to caring for them. Certain plants are intolerant of too much sun, or adversely, intolerant of too much shade. Some plants are finicky about how much and how often you water and what type of soil they are planted in.

Easy houseplants are typically a bit hardier and can tolerate almost any condition. This makes them great for beginners to grow at home because they are literally difficult to kill. They can often thrive in little to a lot of sunlight, and various soil types and may not even require much watering at all.

Easy Houseplants that Benefit You

There are a handful of houseplants that have a reputation for being famously low maintenance. And even these laid-back plants offer a variety of attractive benefits to you and your environment.

Snake Plant: The king of easy plants, this one not only looks very cool and trendy in your home, but it can actually remove toxins from your air. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight and only needs to be watered every two to six weeks.

Succulents: There are hundreds of varieties of succulents. They usually have an interesting texture and require little light and water. And if you chose one like Aloe Vera, you will be blown away by its many medicinal uses.

Venus Fly Trap: These plants are easier to find than you might think and are fairly easy to maintain, only requiring water every few days and tolerant to varying amounts of light. The coolest thing about this plant is that it is carnivorous and will actually trap and consume pesky flies and fruit flies in your home.

There are plenty of other low maintenance indoor plants to choose from that look great and improve air quality:

  • Spider Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Pothos
  • Ficus
  • Palms

Create Your Indoor Garden: How to Start a Home Garden with Low-Maintenance Plants

The first step for an indoor garden is making a plan. And since you are planting low-maintenance plants, the planning will be a bit easier too. You don’t need to worry too much about what type of potting soil you use, as long as it is nutrient-rich and has decent water retention.

All you need to do is pick out two or three plant varieties to start with and make sure you research how big they will get and what they will look like. This will help you find the proper-sized pot and perfect space for them in your home.

Next, if you are feeling a little more ambitious, you can start your plants from seeds. But most of these low-maintenance varieties are available already started and mature. All you need to do is find a good spot and enjoy.

Don’t hesitate to check us out for tips and tricks on how to grow healthy plants.

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