Maintaining Conditions at The Root Zone

Ph, TDS – Measuring and Maintaining Conditions at The Root Zone

Ph & Supernatural Brand Products

In most hydroponic systems it is always a good idea to check the conditions around your root zone every 2-4 days and take corrective measures if the parameters are out of range. With Supernatural Brand this is not necessary as long as no outside additives have been applied.The only exception to adjusting pH is when SuperNatural Superlicious is used.Superlicious makes the pH go down and pH control is used to bring it back up. When using Superlicious also add pH up to bring it up to the lower end of the pH range (5.7). As the plants grow the pH will rise and gradually move up through to the high end of the range (7.5).The weekly rinsing of the soil and refreshing the nutrient reservoir will bring it back to the low end of the pH range. Supernatural Brand nutrients have the benefit of bringing your soil pH thru the whole pH range allowing the plants to absorb more elements.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) & Supernatural Brand Products

The other factor to check is the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The correct TDS level of the nutrient solution is a range of 200 –700 ppm.Supernatural Brand purity, quality along with our unique potting soils allow you to grow at 1/3 the strength of conventional plant nutrients. The soil run off TDS will rise as unused elements accumulate. Weekly soil rinsing will bring it back down.In addition to these two checks you must also consider the electro conductivity of your water supply. Mineral poor or rich water will affect pH and TDS levels when combined with plant food. Supernatural® Brand Terraponic® Soils are naturally buffered act as a pH stabilizer. Easy to flush and reusable. Consider using the appropriate water filtration if your supply water is over 200ppm.To collect root zone runoff, saturated soil can be gently squeezed and collected. If the root zone is dry rinse with water on top and collect first run off. If you have more than one plant to test, collect a portion of run off from a variety of them to obtain an average.In the event that pH is out of range or the root zone TDS reading is too high use Supernatural® Brand Super Leach as directed then rinse growth medium with water until readings are within range. At your next feeding, root feed with the appropriate Supernatural® Brand nutrient at half strength and foliar feed with Supernatural’s Instant Jungle.

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