Supernatural Brand Purified Plant Food vs Organic

Precision Nutrients for Plants

No matter how long you have been growing, you always want more information about how to grow healthy plants. Breakthroughs in horticultural science continue to offer new insights and solutions. Additionally, advanced processing techniques enable the blending of pure, high-performance fertilizers like Supernatural Brand.

Even so, the allure of organic plant food remains compelling. You want to grow produce of the highest quality, and organic nutrition might feel like the best choice. However, organic fertilizers fall short on multiple fronts when compared to Supernatural Brand. They cannot guarantee results or the absence of environmental toxins that will impact the edibility or medicinal quality of produce.

When you buy Supernatural Brand products you can expect:

  • the correct nutrient levels for specific stages of plant growth
  • purified minerals milled to dissolve
  • naturally sourced elements necessary for consistently optimal growth
  • vital trace minerals, and the required amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus needed by your crops

Organic fertilizers cannot make such promises. Manufactured from sources like seaweed, various manures, cottonseed meal, fish emulsion, or composted materials, their nutrient content is left to the luck of draw. A scientific manufacturing process has not overseen the production of organic substances collected from the land. Nutrient levels in natural materials vary based on the conditions that produced them. As a result, organic fertilizer might not provide the ideal levels of nutrients needed at the time of application. Overall, the correction of deficiency problems is hit or miss with organic products.

Certainty About Purity

Due to the fact that they are manufactured in a controlled environment, Supernatural Brand nutrients contain only what is needed to accomplish appropriate nutrient delivery at the right times. They contain no fillers or preservatives.

Although the term organic is a feel-good buzzword, it does not mean that it results in a healthier product. Organic fertilizers cannot offer any guarantee that they have not been adulterated. The animals producing manure may be consuming pesticides or other environmental toxins, like heavy metals or residual pharmaceuticals. These substances permeate the world. Seaweed harvested from the sea will have been exposed to any microplastics or toxic materials in the ocean.

Ideal Plant Food for Fast Results

Commercial growers desire quality harvests on predictable timelines. Even hobbyist gardeners want to see the best results possible. Supernatural Brand nutrients infuse your plants with the right balance of minerals within a handful of days. With direct and continual access to carefully engineered and purified nutrients, your plants will experience robust growth and prolific crops upon maturity.

The truth is that organic fertilizers operate on their own schedules. These substances are meant to interact with a soil ecosystem and cooperate with bacteria and fungi to prepare and release nutrients. Although beautiful within the natural world where the soil sustains a myriad forms of life, greenhouse and indoor growing systems are intended to nurture targeted species for specific purposes.

To learn more about the benefits of our ultra-clean potting soil and pure, no-animal-byproduct nutrients, contact Supernatural Brand today.

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