ROOTBURST POWDERPowerful root growth hormone.

With superior stem adhesion and penetrating action, Rootburst Powder is a high quality hormone formula that maintains the vibrancy of cuttings throughout the rooting phase, ensuring lush and vigorous plant growth during the vegetative stage.



  1. Put a small amount of Rootburst Powder into a small container (a small paper cup will work).
  2. With sharp scissors, snip the cutting 3/8 IN (1 cm) below the 4TH – 6TH internode.
  3. Remove branches up to 1½ – 2 IN (3.8-5 cm) up from the cut, leaving 2-5 internodes intact.
  4. Dip the cut end of the stem into Rootburst Powder  (up to ¾ IN (1.9 cm)).
  5. Tap off excess powder.
  6. Plant treated cutting into desired growth medium.


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