Supernatural® Brand – Products

Supernatural® Brand – Products

Supernatural® Brand Products

Supernatural Brand Terraponic products are rated #1 by professional and amateur horticulturists in British Columbia and are rapidly gaining international popularity. Our proven blends offer both high quality and remarkable ease of use.
Supernatural Brand products are made with high quality ingredients. Clean, Pure, High Quality is our guarantee to you. See our complete product list below.


Growth Medium


Pure Earth Elements®

Forgiveness = Freedom.
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Convenience, performance and versatility.
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Growing Systems


Air Saucer®

Grow bigger plants faster.
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Air Tables®

Professional results, ultimate forgiveness.
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Nutrients for Soil and Soil Less Mixes


  Gro Terra® 20-20-20

Vegetation with vigour.
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  Bloom Terra® 15-31-14

Power your flower.
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    Super Boost® 11-49-9

High quality finish.
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Nutrients for Hydroponics (Aero, NFT, Coco, etc)


     Gro Aqua® 11-6-16

Grow large, fast.
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     Bloom Aqua® 11-8-18

Heavy flowering and fruit load.
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     Super Boost® 11-49-9

High quality finish.
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3 Part Nutrient System (Hydroponics, soil, soil-less mix, and Coco)


    Micro Burst® 5-0-2

spacesorpage vegboost10.1

    Veg Boost® 2-1-7


bloomblast10.1 bmp

    Bloom Blast® 0-7-4

Part C.
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Nutrient Additives


    Bud Blaster® 1-52-31

High quality essential oil production.
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spaceforpage superlicious500-1

    Superlicious® 3-0-0

Aromatherapy redefined.
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 Ultimate Thrive® 5-0-2

Bulk up your plants.
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Specialty Products


     Green Stay® 1-0-0

Fast acting first aid.
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spacesfrpage superleach226-1

    Super Leach® 0-0-1

Growth medium refresher.
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spacesfopage supersoak100-1

    Super Soak® 5-30-20

The growth medium Pre-Soak.
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Fresh plant atmosphere.
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     Rootburst Powder®

Powerful root growth hormone.
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       Instant Jungle®

   Foliar feeding made easy.
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