Customer Reviews and Testimonials

 Review about Product Line

[quote cite=”Anonymous”]”Thank you Supernatural Brand for your awesome products. I’ve had nothing but trouble with other products for years until I tried Supernatural Brand. All the other products on the market are sub-par compared to Supernatural Brand in every way. These products are the easiest to use and my plants are the nicest they have ever been. These guys have really done their homework. The 1 part mix is great, I can mix it when I want and it goes a long way for the money. I am now using the terrapot bags and I am very impressed with the results. Thanks again Supernatural Brand, I now have the confidence and results I’ve been looking for for years.”[/quote]


Review about Excellofizz

[quote cite=”Shaun – In Washington”]”It has been my experience that Supernaturals Excellofizz is the easiest and most effective CO2 product available. Excellofizz has allowed me to introduce CO2 in my garden with out the hassle of an expensive bottle and complicated regulator. Using Excellofizz during the vegetative cycle enabled me to supply my plants with the CO2 they required at an affordable price. My plants have responded so well to your Excellofizz that I have enclosed a few pictures to demonstrate its effectiveness. I can’t wait to use more of Supernatural products in my garden. -Thank You Shaun”[/quote]


Testimonial from Hydro Store in Michigan

[quote cite=”GrowCo in Michigan”]From our experience here in our retail stores, and from years of customer feedback, we’ve found that Supernatural provides the most stable pH levels in nutrient reservoirs. If you’ve had pH problems in hydroponics systems in the past, this line of nutrients will be a welcome change.  Their non-clogging formulas are ideal for hydroponics gardening, plus Supernatural generates happy plant roots! Supernatural Nutrients mix very clear in your reservoir with no sediment. All of your plants needs are met, and you will benefit from huge, hard to beat results, and surprisingly good flavor quality. We love this stuff!

Customer feedback:  “…The nutrients you suggested (Supernatural Brand) did just what I asked for. My PH is now VERY stable and buffered correctly. If you have unruly source water with bad PH levels, this is the stuff you need for sure!  Can’t thank you enough for helping fix this problem and made my plants happy again!”[/quote]


Review on Product line

[quote cite=”Anonymous”]I’ve been using supernatural brand products for years now with great success. When I used supernatural for the first time,I was new to growing and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But just before my first crop was finished, me and my friends couldn’t believe the large size if the fruit load! And it was by far the largest crop we have ever seen. And they to wanted to started using supernatural too. I liked the simplicity if using the ph buffered plant food,along with the convenient bag pots. I even made a few small mistakes and didn’t feed enough a few times,and I soon found that it  was better capable of handling drought like conditions then using the sunshine mix that i previously used before. It was great for me as a new grower. And I still use supernatural to this day.[/quote]


[quote cite=”Bill Jorgenson from Windsor”]Dear Supernatural Brand,

I wanted to take the time to say thank you so very much for creating the best plant products I
have ever used. I am so glad I found your products! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have
planted with everything from custom soil blends, manures, recycle piles of kitchen compost
adding my own nutrients bat guano, worm casting you name it I used it. The funniest thing is” I
thought I knew what was a great garden or at least good results… what a joke “nothing has ever
been so shocking as to the results I consistently get from using your Terra soil and Terrapot in
the bags and the nutrients (Gro Terra, Bud Blaster, Bloom Terra, B1 thrive) it’s just amazing and
on my fifth year. I have never failed using your root burst when propagating anything from fig
trees to any plant I have tried it on (and there has been many)all 100% success. My friends ask
me my green thumb secret simple Supernatural Brand I wish I could take credit.

Thanks again for making such excellent products. I would recommend it to anyone for anything
it’s the best period!

Bill Jorgenson

Windsor Ont,[/quote]