How to Grow Healthy Plants

Get Started Growing Healthy Plants

Be sure that your grow room is working properly before planting. After initial set-up take a day or two to be sure the system is working well, that timers are set properly, and that the environment is stable, then plant. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Always remember to rinse the growth medium before planting.
  1. Do not overcrowd plants.  Overcrowding stresses plants and makes them susceptible to various problems.
  1. For hygiene’s sake do not let outsiders into your grow area.  Wear protective equipment or shower and change clothes.
  1. Seed quality is important.  It determines the germination rate, the length of the growth cycle, and harvest quality.
  1. Great nutrient-rich soil goes a long way. It is important to have good drainage with available water retained deep within. The plant’s roots must breathe and not be restricted yet still support the plant. Supernatural Brand reusable potting soils give you all of these great benefits. These granulated mixes are easy to work with, saving time and labour.
  1. Pots – Different style pots really impact plant health and growth.  Pots that are made of fabric can restrict air around the roots and spike room humidity.  Rigid plastic pots that retain moisture between large contact surfaces should be avoided as they create perfect conditions for unwanted pests. Pots that air prune are desirable.  Supernatural Brand King Cultivator Nursery Pots overcome all of these set backs.  They promote greatly increased crop performance.  When used along with our Pay Dirt potting soil they are comparable to growing in a large peat pellet, hydroponic style soil cube.  King Cultivator Nursery Pots are economical and disposable saving cost, space and labour.
  1. Lighting: Plants must be gradually conditioned to full light.  Keep cuttings away from intense light. Slowly condition small plants to light.  For all growth stages, position lighting at the appropriate distance.
  1. When feeding, remember that more is not better. The addition of other products may overload your plants and cause lock out. Always mix plant food into the final volume of water and never mix in concentrated form. The purity and quality of Supernatural Brand nutrients make plants thrive at only 1/3 the strength of ordinary plant foods. This makes our plant foods very economical, produce a cleaner finished product and greatly reduce fertilizer run off.
  1. The most common problem that growers face is over or under-watering. The Turbo Grow Garden system is specifically designed to help the grower overcome this and consistently get professional growth results.
  1. At least every 2 days make sure you monitor your ph and TDS. Start by testing your incoming water supply. To mix the nutrients, add water first, and adjust the water to 6.2 if necessary. After adding pH adjustment up or down, bubble for one hour with an air stone to dissipate residue, then add nutrients as listed in the feeding program. When all of the nutrients are added, the pH should be 5.8pH or very close.

Things to Consider When Growing Indoors

When growing indoors your goal is to mimic conditions, as closely as possible, of the plant’s natural habitat. Here are some aspects of growing indoors to consider:

  • Air circulation/ventilation: Temperature should mimic the plant’s natural habitat with a warmer temperature in the vegetative stage and cooler in the flowering stage. When buying a dehumidifier remember that a single large plant can transpire six-gallons of water a day.  Too much dehumidification in flowering is better than not enough.  Plants need a lower humidity when at a high transpiration rate.
  • pH Balance: Normally, pH must be rigorously monitored and adjusted. Supernatural Brand products completely eliminate this need when the supply water is steady pH of 6.2  See our section on pH for more information.
  • pH and TDS: If the pH in the soil goes out of range or the strength (TDS) of the complete plant foods (Superboost, Gro Terra or Bloom Terra) is too low, deficiency symptoms in magnesium, calcium or boron may occur. Brown spots on leaves and yellowing of half the leaf surfaces in between the veins. If plant food strength is too high, you may get leaf tip burn and darker green leaves. It also may be caused by inadequate weekly soil rinsing causing nutrient lock out. To prevent symptoms from happening, see tip #10 above. If these symptoms do appear, flush with water from top and replenish your reservoir with fresh plant food.
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): The TDS range of Supernatural Brand products is 200 ppm – 650 ppm, about one-third that of conventional plant foods. Not only is this very cost-efficient it also eliminates build-up and the need for frequent rinsing and cleaning while at the same time promotes a higher quality harvest.
  • Pests and Disease: Be vigilant and preventative. Always keep your grow area squeaky clean. As a preventative, I usually apply three treatments with a safe, combined insecticide/mildewcide formula when plants are in the vegetative stage.
  • Air Filters: Use air filters and air sanitizers to keep the area clean.

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